CCSF + CCA = The advantages you need. The degree you want.

Our new partnership makes transferring to California College of the Arts possible like never before.

California College of the Arts and City College San Francisco are working together to support students who want to study at CCA and ensure direct transfer of credits earned at CCSF. Thanks to the city of San Francisco’s recently approved free tuition program, it’s also possible to earn a CCA degree while reducing total tuition costs.

This new articulation agreement offers affordability and peace of mind that your transfer plan is on track right from the start. We’ll help you map out the entire pathway, so you can focus on your studies knowing exactly what you need to accomplish to cross the finish line for a prestigious CCA degree.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Meet with an Admissions counselor to map your journey and ensure you take the correct courses to qualify.

  2. Take required undergraduate coursework at at CCSF.

  3. Transfer seamlessly to CCA, where you’ll dig into your discipline’s rigorous coursework right away.

  4. Earn a CCA degree while enjoying streamlined CCA attendance length and tuition costs.

Available Majors
Interior Design
Painting and Drawing

Get your journey started ASAP
Schedule a meeting with an admissions counselor today. We’ll answer any questions you have and help ensure all your courses align with this transfer program’s requirements.

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Call/Text: 415-529-4802