Curricular Initiatives

First Year Program

Working with directors and program chairs, KC Rosenberg has established a First Year Program revision that retains the interdisciplinary, experimental, and concept-driven philosophy of the current program, but adds the opportunity to build discipline-specific skill and knowledge that has been a longtime goal of our Architecture and Design programs.

Read the Revision of Core Studio Fall 2010

Humanities & Sciences

The H&S program has started research and development of a new taxonomy that would clarify their mission and objectives in better alignment with program goals in the “horizontal” aspect of their curriculum.

Science-based inititiatives as well as courses that address sustainabiliy have been added to the curricula.

Craft Programs

These programs are a significant part of CCA's legacy and also an important future asset at a time when craft, materiality and sustainability, regional and indigenous art and design, and traditional art and design pedagogies are experiencing a resurgence around the world.

The goal is to develop a plan to increase the visibility and interest in these programs such that CCA is the leading voice in this resurgence.

Interdisciplinary Programs: UDIS, Diversity Studies, Eco-Stream

Discussions continue on improving the educational value of the interdisciplinary programs, including how they should function, what counts, who develops curricula, oversight, and assessment.

Center for Art and Public Life

ENGAGE at CCA is a collegewide initiative housed in the Center for Art and Public Life. It combines the Community Arts Program’s model of community engagement with the project-based learning that is fundamental to art and design pedagogy.