Faculty Development

In addition to promoting informed discussions of student learning within the CCA community, the college is committed to the professional development of our faculty, by providing knowledge and skill-building opportunities to foster an outcome of excellence in teaching.

We encourage faculty to become familiar with the following opportunities:

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities are geared to provide faculty a relaxed and informal environment in which to participate in activities that build community, relationships and forming connections to facilitate knowledge and skill.

Gifts (Advancement)

Gifts (Advancement) are for CCA staff and ranked faculty who work in partnership with the Office of Advancement to explore the possibility of seeking funding (or in-kind donations) for projects related to CCA programs.

Adjunct faculty who have taught at the college for three years are also eligible to seek funding. (Note: Grants for support of individual work, for example a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, do not require working with the Office of Advancement.)


Grants are intended to support funding for professional and curriculum development and to support teaching effectiveness. Available grants for faculty include Professional and Curricular Development and/or Travel.


Sabbatical is a benefit designed to provide instructors with an opportunity for self-improvement through a leave of absence with full or partial compensation following a designated number of consecutive years of service in order.

The two primary goals of sabbaticals are to render the recipient more useful to the college as an instructor and scholar, artist, architect, or designer, and to maintain the quality of the teaching force.

The latter goal requires periodical refreshing of the faculty through the pursuit of study, creative activity, and travel.


Faculty Resources is where you can locate some of our resources associated with pedagogy around teaching and learning. These resources include some of our presentations from faculty development workshops offered during previous and current academic years.