CCA's Architecture division offers programs in architecture and interior design as well as advanced specializations in digital media and design theory.

Our accredited professional and post-professional degree programs focus on innovative research and design. We bring developments in culture, media, and technology to bear on the process of architectural production, while allowing students to capitalize on expanded opportunities in a rapidly changing profession.


The Architecture faculty is composed of highly accomplished architects, designers, and scholars who are committed to an education that emphasizes in-depth study, project-based learning, and experimentation in alternative models of practice, design, and fabrication.

The Architecture division offers four unique degree programs:


BFA in Interior Design
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)


Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD)
Master of Architecture (MArch)

San Francisco Bay Area Setting

The school’s location in the San Francisco Bay Area offers a unique metropolitan setting. It provides a polycentric urban laboratory to support architectural exploration influenced by its expanded geographical, cultural, and historical position in relation to the Americas, the Pacific Rim, and Europe.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The facilities on the San Francisco campus include dedicated studios with a wireless network infrastructure, four computer labs with the latest hardware and software, a Digital Print Lab for 2D printing and plotting, and a suite of fully equipped wood and metal shops as well as a Rapid Prototyping Studio for all scales of fabrication.

The Rapid Prototyping Studio includes two large LaserCAM laser cutters, an Eden 333 3D printing prototyping machine for fine-featured three-dimensional prints; a large-scale QVAC vacuum forming machine for material prototyping, and a router table and a Multi-Cam CNC router for the machining of larger components.

CCA also has a fully accessible electronics (“gizmo”) laboratory and workshop that provides space and equipment for electronics prototyping, testing, and development for interactive systems projects.

Program Summaries

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design (BFA)
The Interior Design Program provides an interdisciplinary design education where critical, artistic, historical, and material approaches to the practice of interior and environmental design integrate theory with art and technology.

Our students develop projects within a convergence of environmental, architectural, and social contexts, with an emphasis on creativity and habitability.

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Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
Our five-year, NAAB-accredited* professional undergraduate Architecture (BArch) degree program is committed to experiments in alternative models of practice, design, and fabrication.

The curriculum accordingly brings developments in culture, media, and technology to bear on the process of architectural production, allowing students to capitalize on new opportunities in a rapidly changing profession.

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Master of Architecture (MArch)
CCA's Master of Architecture Program is a NAAB-accredited professional degree program that focuses on material innovation, research, application, and resourcefulness within a larger social and cultural context.

While providing a well-rounded architectural education, the program engages physically and digitally with old, new, and emerging building materials and systems to explore architecture as a critical and evolving practice. Digital craft, design research, interdisciplinary engagement, alternative models, and global involvement and exchange are emphasized.

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Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD)
CCA's Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD) is a one-year interdisciplinary post-professional degree program is tailored for advanced students and midcareer professionals. Students focus on research and design through mentored study and a range of elective offerings.

Three possible areas of concentration are offered that reflect the diversity of emerging domains within architecture, allowing for a rigorous course of study that has an advanced level of specialization, but is also highly cross-disciplinary.)

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