Director of Academic Administration, Architecture Division

CCA is a complex ecosystem with dynamic relationships across divisions. As an academic affairs administrator I recognize that my contribution is crucial to the achievement of global university goals, program efficiency, faculty development, and student success.

My working philosophy is about seeing the big picture priorities while focusing on the everyday details to accomplish big things.  

My career spans over 13 years in higher education overseeing large-scale public programs, development events, national conferences, arts exhibitions, and academic operations. My administrative and organizational skills maintain high standards of excellence through responsibilities such as communicating across departments, creating and streamlining work flow systems, collaborating with diverse constituencies, and overall people + project management.

My interdisciplinary education background in the arts and social sciences has allowed me to gain critical thinking, advocacy, programming, creative problem-solving, and leadership skills that I use every day here at CCA.  

Inspired by the multidisciplinary approach of our programs, I am drawn to the vision of an arts and design education as a catalyst for social change and personal transformation.  I look forward to supporting generations of students as they shape the future of design innovation and community engagement.