I am an architect, historian, and academic leader.

As dean of the college's Architecture division, I have primary responsibility for the vision, leadership, and administration of three accredited programs: undergraduate Architecture (BArch), graduate Architecture (MArch and MAAD -- the post-professional Master of Advanced Architectural Design), and the undergraduate Interior Design Program (BFA).

Prior to CCA

Previously I was a tenured faculty member at Syracuse University, where I chaired the undergraduate Architecture program and the agenda committee of the University Senate.

As cofounder of the Transdisciplinary Media Studio and the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative, and as Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence at Syracuse, I have focused on the ways we understand and teach the history and practice of architecture and urbanism.

My Research

My research shows how architecture forms civil society, shapes social relationships, and regulates consumption. My books and essays analyze topics ranging from organicism and ornament in modern architecture to mortgage finance, risk management, and sustainable design.

Currently I am examining the ways architecture and urbanism manage our consumption of resources ranging from energy and water to time and risk.