Look for a personal statement from newly appointed Director of Humanities and Sciences Juvenal Acosta coming soon . . .

About CCA's Humanities and Sciences Division

The humanities and sciences division is committed to the idea critical thinking is a creative act, and that our ability to participate in the production of culture in meaningful ways depends on our ability to articulate and be aware of “what we know or believe.”

We are stronger architects, artists, designers, and writers when we are students of the world around us -- past, present, and future. Understanding the meaning and impact of our work allows us to make intelligent, responsible, ethical choices in our creative practices.

Programs Within the Division

All of the division programs share these values, whether we are teaching creative writing or critical analysis of the visual world to our majors; or the liberal arts, math, and sciences to all CCA students.

We train students in analytic and interpretative skills and written and oral expression, while simultaneously transmitting ideas, cultural knowledge, and values that support students’ development into responsible citizens.

Our goal is to provide students with the intellectual and ethical tools they need to integrate theory and practice throughout their lives.