Faculty Record Report

All ranked faculty are required to complete a Faculty Record Report within the first semester of teaching. The report should ideally be updated every three years or whenever faculty come up for promotion.

The Faculty Record Report is maintained in your file of record in the Academic Affairs Offices at either campus.

Download instructions for completing the Faculty Record Report.

Download the Faculty Record Report (PDF)
Download the Faculty Record Report (doc)

It is advisable to always keep an electronic copy of your Faculty Record Report for updating or revising. When submitting updates, particularly for APT review, new information should be highlighted, bolded, or in some other manner set apart from the original content.

Faculty Information Update

The Faculty Information Update should be used to change any contact information (address, phone, email, etc.).

Field Trip Forms

When faculty members and their students go on a field trip, they need to complete CCA's field-trip forms. All faculty must complete field trip Form A by selecting either the Microsoft Word (doc) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.

Faculty members must also complete either field trip Form B or field trip Form C. These two forms are similar and either may be used. Multiple students may sign field trip Form B.

Individual students must fill out and sign their own field trip Form C. All field trip forms should be sent to either the Academic Affairs Office on either campus (San Francisco or Oakland).


An honorarium form is used to compensate guest artists or lecturers for presentations given to a group of CCA students, faculty, or both.


A W9 request for taxpayer identification number must be submitted to ensure timely compensation.


All instructors should have an up-to-date syllabus for each course they teach. This must be given to students on the first day of class, and filed with the Office of Graduate or Undergraduate studies.

designing course syllabi
syllabus template

Early Outreach

Notification letter & form

Extension Request

Faculty must fill out an Extension Request when allowing any student extra time beyond the end of the term (due to a medical emergency, family emergency, stolen laptop, etc.) to complete their projects or final paper.

Program Chair Forms

Specific forms relating to goals, course proposals, and hiring new faculty are located at Chair Resources.

If you experience problems, please contact the Help Desk at 510.594.5010 or helpdesk@cca.edu.