Oakland Campus Access & Policies

Directions & Maps

Oakland Parking

Any new faculty member who has yet to do so, may obtain a form in the Academic Affairs Office to receive a gate card and tag for the faculty parking lot. The card is magnetic and needs a few seconds to register and start up the gate.

A buried trip plate opens the gate without using a card when you wish to exit. It is suggested the card not be stored with credit cards, BART tickets, etc., that have magnetic strips.

(Guard your card carefully as the replacement charge for a lost card is $25. Unranked faculty not being contracted for the following term must turn in their gate card and tag to Jodi Redmon to receive their final paycheck of the term.)

The wide slot outside the gate on the downhill (Broadway) side of the lot entrance is a single handicap slot. The outside slot nearest the gate uphill is also a van-accessible handicap slot. The area outside the gate above the uphill handicap slot is for motorcycles only. None of these spaces needs a gate card for access.

Please pull fully forward in the tandem spot. Inside the gate (card access) on the downhill side there is a single handicap slot.

There are eight uphill, reserved tandem slots (16 spaces total) for program studio managers and their respective fine arts program chairs, as indicated by stenciling on the spaces.

One space is also reserved for the Core program chair. All unreserved slots are open to all faculty with gate cards.

Any unauthorized faculty parked in the reserved slots will be subject to ticketing or towing, or both.

Identification of Students

All students must have a valid CCA ID on their person at all times while on campus. Students using studios must be currently registered at CCA and must wear ID cards while working in the studios during unsupervised hours.

ID's and validation stickers are available in the Public Safety offices.

Students May Not Work Alone

Public Safety officers will ask any student working alone in a studio to leave and will then lock the studio.

Buddy System

Students must establish a buddy system so they do not leave the campus buildings or grounds alone at night. A Public Safety officer is available for escort service from dawn to dusk seven days a week by calling 415.703.9510 (or x9510 from either an Oakland- or San Francisco-campus line).


Alcohol may not be brought into the campus buildings or grounds. If found, it will be confiscated by the Public Safety officer, who will also report the incident.

Temporary Shelter

Students may not use the studios for temporary shelter or allow them to be used by anyone else for this purpose.


While working in the studios should be governed by respect for others, and should include attention to noise level, respect for personal property, artwork, and appropriate use of equipment and facilities.

Students must observe Oakland city noise ordinances in which loud noise, amplified music, etc., is prohibited after 10 p.m.

Loss of Privileges

Any violation of these policies will result in loss of access to the campus beyond normal class hours and or disciplinary or legal action.