San Francisco Campus Access & Policies

How to get here

The San Francisco campus is open to currently enrolled students 24 hours daily under the following conditions:

• No one is allowed to enter between midnight and 6:00 a.m. The campus is locked during those hours. Visitors are not allowed after midnight.

• All policies in the Student Handbook regarding safety, alcohol use, rules of conduct, etc. will be enforced. Each student is responsible for knowing and following college policies.

• A Public Safety officer is available to escort students to cars and buses 24 hours a day.

• Extended access beyond regularly scheduled class time is a privilege and failure to comply with either the ID, night time safety, or other college policies will result in the privilege being revoked.

San Francisco Parking

Ample non-metered street parking is available on the streets surrounding the building. Two handicap slots are at the corner of 8th and Irwin.

Motorcycle Parking
At 16th St. and 8th St., north side, space has been posted and striped for 10 motorcycles. Please use the new parking spaces, there’s a good chance that the city will begin to ticket cycles parked on the sidewalk.

Hooper Street Sidewalk and Berm
The Department of Parking and Traffic has notified us that city-wide, this kind of parking will no longer be allowed.

White Curb Loading Zone at 450 Irwin Street
The 450 doors are now used exclusively for Shipping and Receiving. You are welcome to park at that white curb after 4 PM and on weekends, but leave it clear for delivery trucks and vans Monday-Friday, 8-4.