Faculty Promotion

Ranked Faculty

Promotion to Rank

Associate professors become eligible for promotion to full professor after completing at least 12 years of full-time teaching (or equivalent) at a nationally or regionally accredited institution of postsecondary education and/or comparable professional achievement as determined by the provost in consultation with the relevant director.

Tenure Track and Tenured faculty

Assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors become eligible for promotion within rank every three years. Once tenure is achieved, promotion review is optional and may be deferred at the faculty’s request. However, in order to be eligible to apply for sabbatical, all tenured faculty must put themselves up for review at least once every six years.

Tenura Track associate and assistant professors typically receive pretenure reviews at the end of the third year to receive feedback on their progress towards tenure at CCA.

Ranked Nontenureable faculty:

After confirmation of ongoing program need, ranked nontenureable faculty will be eligible for reappointment or renewal in accordance with the schedule set forth in their appointment letters, typically every three years. The renewal process is mandatory and may not be deferred.

Ranked nontenureable faculty become eligible for promotion to rank according to the same schedule as tenureable faculty.

For reasonable cause, the Provost in consultation with the relevant program chair(s) and program faculty, may initiate an evaluation procedure for any ranked faculty member at any time.

Academic Affairs will notify eligible ranked faculty by mail, with instructions and deadlines for file submission.


Please refer to the CCA Faculty Handbook (link at the top right of this page) for the most current information about policy and procedure for the faculty promotion review process.