Student Affairs Overview

The Division of Student Affairs maximizes the student experience. We foster transformative co-curricular learning and support students as they navigate challenges and transitions.

We teach students the skills they need to be artist-citizens who embody CCA values.

Our Principles

At the core of all Student Affairs work are the following guiding principles:

  • Partner with faculty, staff, and the community to support and maximize the student learning experience.
  • Engage students in co-curricular experiences that focus on educating the whole person.
  • Encourage, enhance, and maintain a sense of interconnectedness and community and promote opportunities for collaboration.
  • Address general student concerns and grievances by providing advocacy, support, and mediation.
  • Coordinate crisis response for students who encounter emergency situations.

Student Affairs invites faculty members to share their questions and suggestions regarding any Student Affairs services by contacting the appropriate department staff member.

Within the Division of Student Affairs

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising team empowers students to take ownership of their college experience in order to achieve their academic, professional, personal, and creative goals within the context of their community.

We are committed to doing this through fostering a collaborative and respectful environment with faculty, staff, administrators, and students toward the common end of student success and degree completion.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • One-on-one appointments with academic advisors
  • Registration support & planning
  • Long-term strategic planning toward graduation
  • Academic planning workshops
  • Online tools for academic planning (e.g., planning worksheets, curriculum notes, sequence charts)
  • Major Resource Fair
  • Connections to the college community and clubs
  • Referrals to other college resources

Access & Wellness Services

Access and Wellness Services oversees all services for students with disabilities, provides leadership for overall wellness awareness, and manages the student health insurance program.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • One-on-one appointments with the director of Access & Wellness Services
  • Assistance navigating health care access
  • Accommodations to enable full access to physical, curricular, or informational environments
  • Online health insurance frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Online physical and mental health and wellness information
  • Referrals to other college resources

Career Development

Career Development programming and outreach focuses on teaching students how to navigate the challenges of successfully transitioning from academia to a professional career.

Students and alumni are able to maximize their professional growth by learning how to search and identify opportunities, articulate skill sets, and represent themselves professionally to their respective industries.

It is our goal to meet our students at every level of their career development and to provide them with the practical skills and tools they will need to position themselves in the world as productive and confident artist-citizens and representatives of CCA.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • One-on-one appointments with the professional staff
  • Résumé critiques
  • CCA Job Board
  • Career Expo job fair
  • Creative Careers Symposium workshops
  • Industry presentations
  • Alumni mentoring program
  • Online tips for résumé writing, cover-letter writing, and interviewing
  • Referrals to other college resources

Counseling Services

Counseling Services assists in the academic, psychological, professional, and interpersonal development of current students and enhances success in these areas.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • Individual, confidential, professional counseling appointments for students -- 10 free sessions per academic year
  • Crisis intervention
  • Assessments
  • Referrals to community resources (including psychiatric resources)
  • Presentations and workshops about mental health and wellness
  • Confidential consultations for faculty & staff
  • Referrals to other college resources

International Student Affairs & Programs

International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP) provides services to help international and exchange students understand federal immigration regulations, manage cultural transitions, and develop international community at the college.

ISAP also advises students about CCA’s international exchange programs and the opportunity for students to study overseas at one of our partner institutions.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • One-on-one appointments with the professional staff
  • Immigration counseling
  • Assistance with applications for benefits (e.g., employment authorization, social security numbers) for international students
  • Academic success workshops and resources
  • Study abroad information and guidance
  • Online forms and resources
  • International Education Week events
  • International Exchange exhibitions
  • Referrals to other college resources

Learning Resources

Learning Resources Center (LRC) facilitates an academic coaching program as well as workshops that provide specialized support in various study skills areas.

The coaching program provides students with one-on-one and group support for courses, general writing support, and development of essential study skills such as time management.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • One-on-one academic coaching (tutoring)
  • Support for student study groups
  • Study skills workshops
  • Learning Resource Centers on both campuses
  • Online writing resources
  • Limited software coaching (to supplement
  • Consultations for faculty and staff
  • Referrals to other college resources

Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life provides a safe and educational living environment. Our residential curriculum engages students at critical points of their personal and artistic development.

We challenge and support our students through co-curricular learning opportunities that guide them to become artist-citizens.

Students living in our residence halls are offered unique learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Peer interaction and staff mentorship guides our students through the residential curriculum that concentrates on three distinct areas of their growth: social consciousness, self-reliance, and academic connections.

Resources & Programs Provided

  • Support & guidance from professional and trained student staffs
  • Five CCA-sponsored residential communities: Clifton Hall, Irwin Hall, Avenue Apartments, Webster Hall, and California Street Residences
  • Two themed living/learning communities: Artistic Retreat Community (ARC) and Student Artist-in-Residence Community (SAR)
  • Opportunities to build community, celebrate diversity, and develop life skills
  • Support for navigating successful relationships
  • RA- and GA-sponsored activities &andworkshops
  • Online resources for first-time renters and off-campus housing listings
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Referrals to other college resources

Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides students with creative co-curricular experiences, opportunities, and resources during their academic journey.

Professional staff collaborate with student leaders to engage and empower the student community with student activities, student clubs and organizations, student governance, and leadership development.

Read the Student Handbook »

Resources & Programs Provided
* Support and guidance from the professional staff
* Funding for student events, organizations, and clubs
* Chimeratopia resource fairs
* Holiday Fair and Spring Fair arts-and-crafts selling opportunities
* Spring picnic and holiday lunch community gatherings
* Student leadership opportunities through the Chimera Council for undergraduates and the Graduate Student Alliance for graduate students
* Online resources about starting student organizations
* Free wellness classes in yoga and capoeira
* Off-campus excursions each semester
* Food for Thought workshops
* Administration of the Student Code of Conduct
* Referrals to other college resources

Undergraduate Exhibitions

The Undergraduate Exhibitions staff maximizes the student experience by fostering practicum learning experiences, skill acquisition, social connectivity, leadership development, and community visibility through the development and implementation of exhibitions.

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Resources & Programs Provided

  • Support and guidance from the professional staff
  • Solo-exhibition opportunities for fine arts seniors in particular majors
  • Group exhibition opportunities for undergraduate students
  • Galleries in Oakland: College Avenue Galleries (four spaces), Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Café Gallery (for 2D works), and Oliver Art Center
  • Galleries in San Francisco: Campus Center
  • Exhibition receptions in Oakland and San Francisco galleries
  • Advice about installation tools, materials, techniques, publicity, and exhibitions best practices
  • Workshops and information sessions
  • New Student Exhibition
  • Baccalaureate Exhibition
  • Exhibition applications
  • Online gallery floor plans
  • Online exhibition planning resources
  • Referrals to other college resources