Union Info

Message from Provost Melanie Corn

September 23, 2015

Re: Update on Collective Bargaining with SEIU Local 1021 (Unranked Faculty)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to give you an update on the negotiations with SEIU Local 1021, which represents our lecturer and adjunct unranked faculty, and to share with you a status report from the CCA negotiating team.

The CCA negotiating team (those who meet in negotiations with the Local 1021 bargaining team):

  • Dean of Fine Arts Tammy Rae Carland
  • Director of Payroll and Benefits Amy Flaherty
  • Associate Provost Dr. Thomas O. Haakenson
  • Dean of Design Leslie Carol Roberts
  • and  Mike Vartain (legal counsel for the college)

On August 13, Local 1021 first presented CCA’s negotiating team with the union’s full contract demands for salaries, benefits, course loads and appointments, governance processes, and other important issues.

Since August 13, the two negotiation teams have had two lengthy meetings to begin jointly analyzing these proposals. Further meetings will take place throughout the fall semester and most likely into the spring. During this period of time, the college will be able to present its responses and its contract counter proposals.

Although the negotiating teams from CCA and Local 1021 have been meeting for nine months, it is still relatively early in negotiations. It was just five weeks ago that the union gave CCA its comprehensive proposal. For context, it is important to note that the adjunct faculties at other Bay Area colleges, who voted to be represented by SEIU many months before CCA’s faculty, have not yet reached an initial bargaining agreement either.

A productive contract can only be achieved through compromise with the two teams doing the hard work in the negotiating room. There is still much work to do, and with continued effort by both bargaining teams, I am confident that a fair contract will be reached.   

I urge you to read the report from the CCA negotiating team, which includes a summary of the union’s current contract demands.

As the negotiation now proceeds into its more important phases, the CCA negotiating team will report more frequently to the faculty on the progress and key issues of the bargaining.

Additional information also will be posted periodically on the Academic Affairs section of the college website.

Melanie Corn