Unranked Faculty

Adjunct & Senior Adjunct

The adjunct faculty classification is designed to serve the special instructional and governance needs of the college. Adjunct faculty are part time and typically have appointments no longer then three years.

Contracts may be for one semester or one year. An adjunct may teach a maximum of 4 courses, and must teach a minimum of 1 course, per year.

Once an adjunct has completed 12 semesters of teaching, as an adjunct, with CCA, he or she must come before APT for consideration for promotion to senior adjunct.

Lecturer & Senior Lecturer

Lecturers have fewer than eight years combined teaching and professional experience, senior lecturers have eight or more. Lecturers are hired on a part-time basis, only on approval of the Provost, in consultation with the program chair.

Contracts are for a scheduled term of one semester, and reappointment is not guaranteed. Once a lecturer has completed six semesters of teaching, the lecturer may not be rehired or re-appointed in the same classification without a minimum hiatus of three years.

Visiting Faculty

The college may invite visiting faculty on a temporary or part-time basis, or both, for a contract term of one year or less, renewable up to three years. Visiting faculty are nationally or regionally recognized practitioners.

Selections are made in consultation with the program chair, director, and the provost.

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