WebAdvisor is an web-based interface that allows access to information contained in the administrative database used by California College of the Arts.

This online tool allows faculty to access course schedules, rooms, rosters, and student contact information.

Faculty may also use WebAdvisor to view advisees, communicate with some or all of their students via email, and submit grades online.

Log in to WebAdvisor by entering your CCA email user ID and password.

If you experience difficulty logging in, contact CCA's Helpdesk at 510.594.5010 or email helpdesk@cca.edu.

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WebAdvisor for Faculty

The following is a partial overview of the information available on WebAdvisor for faculty.

Class Roster

The class roster displays a list of your courses for the term or date range you select. You may display the roster for any course by clicking on the box under the Choose One column.

Click on Submit.

The system will then display the roster for the selected course and will also show the students' name, ID, email address, class, status, and credits.

Click on the box in the Student Profile column, then press Submit to see a particular student's profile information.

Search Course Schedule

Course search is esigned to let you search for one or more courses that meet your search requirements. The most commonly used search method is selecting a term, then selecting a Subject, or entering a Course Number and Section from the drop-down box.

Press Submit to see section selection results. You can then select on Section Name and Title to view Section Information for this course.

My Class Schedule

Use the My Class Schedule form to obtain your class schedule for a specific term or date range you select. Choose a term, then press Submit to view your class schedule.
Click on the Class Name and Title to view Section Information for this course.

Maintain Books

A federal law designed to inform students about the full costs of education requires all colleges to publish assigned book information for all courses prior to registration.

In order to comply with the law, all faculty must use the Maintain Books function and submit this information.

Download detailed instructions for Maintain Books »

Advisees -- details

Advisees shows the list of advisees assigned to you during a certain term. Select a term or date range and press Submit.

Another window will pop up showing your list of advisees, and an Action drop-down box that will allow you to view a student transcript, student schedule, program evaluation, student test summary, and student profile (student ID, name and address, email address, phone number, academic program and level, degree, major, advisor information, etc).

Advisees -- Overview

This feature presents a summarized list of advisees assigned to you during a certain term.

Select a term or date range and press Submit. Another window will pop up showing the student ID, name, Cumulative GPA, In Progress Credits, and Earned Credits.

Online Grading

Designed to let you submit grades directly to Student Records:

  • Select Grading.
  • Select the term from the drop-down menu and choose Submit (ignore start/end dates). A resolution screen will appear that shows all courses you are teaching for that term.
  • Choose Final grading from the drop-down menu on the top of the screen. Select one course using the radio button to the left of the title, then select Submit. You will then be brought to the screen where you can enter grades. (Please note you will be logged out of your session if it is idle for more than 25 minutes.)
  • Select the desired grade for each student from the drop-down menu. Carefully review your grades.
  • Select Submit when you are satisfied you have entered the correct grades.

Your grades will then be available to Student Records for review and processing, following which grades will be available for student viewing via WebAdvisor. (Note: You will not be able to change grades online.)

See also detailed instructions for Online Grading »

If you prefer to submit your grades on paper, please contact Student Records on either campus.