Image Library & Photography Needs

The Communications Office has numerous stock images available for use in CCA materials. Our collection includes images of the San Francisco and Oakland campuses, student work environments, student and faculty artworks, and CCA events.

No permission is required to use these images.

Image-Use Considerations

  • Use images in a manner that reflects accurately and positively on the school
  • Be respectful of the photographer's work and any artwork shown (e.g., do not crop images in a way that makes the photographer look inept, or that compromises the intent of an artwork)
  • Credit the photographer on larger projects (all Communications image files are tagged with the photographer's credit line)
  • Use images at the appropriate resolution for your medium (print and web)

Read about image sizing for print and web projects »

If your project requires new photography, Communications can assist you either with our in-house photographer (for approved marketing purposes only) or with hiring a freelance photographer.

If you elect to use CCA's in-house photographer, the project must first be approved and scheduled as far in advance as possible.

Before contacting us, please have available:

  • Summary of your project/goal/audience
  • Outline of the images you need ("shot list")
  • Budget
  • Deadline
  • Hours of the shoot
  • Notes on any special permissions or location access that might be required

Submitting Images to Communications

Communications keeps an archive of images for use in promotional materials, on CCA's website, in student and faculty web galleries, and for archival purposes.

We are always looking to augment our image archive and welcome submissions from the CCA community. If you would like to submit your images of CCA events, student and faculty work, or the campuses, please be sure to:

  • get permission (if applicable) from anyone appearing in the photographs, and for use of any location that is not owned by CCA
  • Submit files at the highest available resolution
  • Embed full credit/caption/date info using the File / File Info dialog box (for instance: "Jane Smith with a student in the printmaking studio, John Smith Photography, May 2008”)

Submit your image files on a CD or via Dropbox.

If you have an extensive collection of images or very large files, submit them to Communications on a DVD or thumb drive.