Marketing & Creative Services

About CCA's Marketing & Creative Services

The Marketing & Creative Services team works closely with nearly every administrative office and academic program at CCA to generate marketing materials, publications, and designs. We support the collegewide strategic goals:

  • fostering excellence and connecting communities while working to recruit potential students
  • promote CCA's many exhibitions and public programs
  • train the next generation of designers
  • promote CCA's many activities and involvements on campus and off
  • and generally raise the profile of the school

We lead responsibly by using recycled papers, printing locally with like-minded vendors (thus reducing our carbon footprint), and finding ways to save trees whenever possible.

Our goals

  • fostering CCA's external and internal communications
  • ensuring that all of our publications, marketing efforts, and designs are of the highest quality and reflect appropriately and well on the college
  • ensuring that every project in which we are involved is thoughtfully conceived, well executed, timely, and fiscally responsible

What We Do

We collaborate with CCA faculty and staff on a broad range of projects:

  • marketing
  • publications
  • advertising
  • design
  • video
  • social media
  • photography
  • email marketing
  • print production
  • and much more

Our team is composed of a Director of Marketing, a marketing coordinator, and a design and production manager. We work with a variety of graphic designers, including CCA faculty members and students enrolled in the Sputnik design studio.

Direction and control of projects and design are maintained by our team throughout the entire project cycle. We provide editing and proofreading support, a requirement for all print and online materials that represent the college. To ensure a consistent image and accuracy of information, all materials produced must be coordinated with one of our team members, either directly or in collaboration with an academic program or administrative department.

We are responsible for overseeing the use of CCA's identity and maintaining the design standards of all materials, print or electronic, that are produced by CCA or represent CCA, or both. We must also approve printing costs or design fees, or both, when they exceed $1,000. Our staff must approve and sign off all printed materials that represent the college at large.

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