Our Materials

This page lists just a few of the materials CCA’s Marketing & Creative Services team produces.


See Advertising for details.

Postcards, Posters & Brochures

You should plan your poster, postcard, or brochure at least one semester in advance. There are always exceptions depending on the piece, of course, but generally all printed pieces should include

  • CCA's logo
  • the full college name
  • a design credit
  • a prominent URL for the call to action
  • a recycled paper statement
  • a call-to-action directing visitors to subscribe to CCA's e-newsletter and social media icons

If the piece is being bulk mailed, it will need an indicia and the San Francisco return address with the full school name spelled out. There are many other U.S. postal guidelines related to the design of mailed pieces, and our team will work with you to make sure your piece complies with them.

Email blasts

You should plan your email blast as far in advance as possible. Distribution lists are generated in conversation with Emily Major in Advancement. Our team can design, write, edit, and deploy the email. Contact us for more detailed guidelines and advice before you get started. 


CCA is committed to video as a key vehicle for promoting the college and its programs. Videos are created by our Sputnik Design Studio, film students or alumni, or professional firms, depending on the budget.

Videos should be under three minutes, have a clear goal and message, and use the CCA logo, the full college name, and a prominent URL for the call to action.

Visit CCA's YouTube Channel for examples. If you are interested in creating a promotional video for your program, please contact Director of Marketing Clay Walsh to discuss.

Please use this video release form (PDF) when filming subjects for video.


While our goals are to first and foremost promote the college, we are happy to discuss book production with you.

Before you begin your book project, please carefully review this page devoted to large publications

Also before you begin, know that print-on-demand may serve your purposes. Communications will provide final sign-off on the colophon, outside cover, and we will review for CCA branding standards.