We encourage faculty, staff, and students to contact the public relations team as quickly as possible when something related to CCA might capture the media's attention. If you are interested in working with the media as an expert in your field, please let us know by submitting our media expert form.

CCA News

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Here are examples of what might generate media interest:

  • A course that is unusual or timely or in which students are creating a project or proposing solutions for real-world problems.

  • An unorthodox event for a course or on campus that would make an interesting photo feature or "soft" news story.

  • A college-sponsored public event or symposium with high-profile guests or speakers, or both.

  • A student, faculty member, or recent alum, receives, or is nominated for, a prestigious award.

Even if you're uncertain whether your news submission warrants media coverage, please make us aware of it.

Our team will work with you to determine its media worthiness and what follow-up is appropriate (e.g., consideration for a CCA web feature or a story in the college's magazine, Glance, or giving it a social media boost, or all of the above).

Media Experts

The news media regularly seeks faculty from a variety of disciplines to share their expertise in a given subject.

Offering your knowledge to a journalist enhances awareness of your program and credibility of the college. It also provides a valuable public service by contributing to the accuracy and quality of the news reporting about your field.

If you are interested in becoming a media expert, please complete the media expert form, and we will contact you if an appropriate need arises.