Schedule an On-Campus Event

Step 1: Reserve space on campus using Virtual EMS.

Log in to Virtual EMS using your CCA user name and password.

All events must have approved reservations before they publish to the web calendar. (Note: Complete as much of the event information as you can. Event images and complete descriptions can be added later, if you're trying to reserve space only.)

Step 2: CCA's web editor reviews all approved events and contacts the point person for each event that has insufficient information to post to the web calendar (i.e., image, description, proper tags).

Through a series of email reminders sent through Virtual EMS, the web editor will let you know your event reservation is being held from posting to the web calendar until the requested information has been added.

It is the requesting party's responsibility to add this information to the event reservation in Virtual EMS.


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About Web Calendar Event Listings

Always plan events as far in advance as possible.

Typically all events post to the web calendar within 5 to 10 business days from the date the event was approved.

For promotional purposes, some events require being added to the web calendar far in advance. They are posted as place-holders. It's best to have these events in particular completed as soon as possible (representative image and full description).

Events fewer than five days out cannot be posted to the web calendar.

Quality Assurance

CCA produces an impressive number of events, and there are many, many changes involved in securing an accurate calendar. Typically, the requesting party is sent the event listing URL as confirmation.

However, It is your responsibility to ensure the web calendar posting is accurate.

Follow these guidelines:

  • double-check all contact information for accuracy (name, email, phone)
  • provide reception details (if applicable) -- hours, location, date -- especially if they differ from main event
  • identify which program(s) should be tagged (use caution: not all programs want your event tagged in their events view)
  • clearly identify all sponsors related to the event
  • allow a minimum of one week for event to post
  • if the event is offsite, is the address accurate. Can you provide a Google map link?


Typically, corrections to event postings are made within 24 hours, time permitting. Indicate only the necessary correction(s) and always provide the URL for the event listing.

Send all changes to the web editor for fastest processing.


For best promotion, include an image with your listing. Images must be a minimum of 462 px wide by 250 px tall.

JPG or PNG file formats only. Do not send PDFs.

Include a caption or artist credit (or both). (Note: It is assumed the event requester has secured permission to use a submitted image.)

Off-Campus Events

For off-campus events, please complete the web calendar event request form (requires logging in to your CCA Google Apps account). If do not have a CCA Google Apps account, contact the web editor directly.

Because the web calendar event request form does not accommodate file attachments, please indicate in the form if there's an image that will be sent separately.

After you submit the form, send the image directly to the web editor. Be sure to cross-reference the file attachment with the date and title of the event, either in the file name or in the body of the email.