Create Your Faculty Bio

CCA encourages all its faculty members to upload their biographical information. This allows current and future students to see the wealth of talent and experience the faculty represents.

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A complete faculty bio contains:

  • a short biography (300 or fewer words recommended)
  • headshot (strongly encouraged)
  • up to 8 images of works of art, publication covers, etc. (videos may be among the 8 images); hi-res images OK
  • website URLs (place added URLs at the bottom of your bio text)
  • contact info: preferred email, phone (this info will also display in the CCA faculty directory)

Be specific in your bio. Provide complete names when including

  • accomplishments
  • awards & honors
  • business affiliations
  • community involvement
  • exhibitions
  • publications
  • research & teaching interests


If you require assistance, you may send your materials to the web editor. It's best to email the components as a single, compressed file attached to an email or delivered via a cloud-based, large-file transfer service, like Dropbox or

Image captions should be concise and limited to just the following: title, year produced, medium, and dimensions (optional)

Allow up to two weeks to process your faculty bio.

General Outline

You are encouraged to bring your own personality and enthusiasm to your bio. However, the following is a suggested standard structure:

  • general overview of your history with CCA -- how long teaching, philosophical tie-in to the college, involvement in other programs of study
  • accomplishments either at the college or outside (publications, commissions, exhibitions, work experience, awards and accolades, partnerships, collaborations)
  • personal details (where you live, family members, hobbies, other involvements, artist statement)
  • uncompleted degrees should be listed last, including titles (not degrees) you hold at other academic institutions

Curriculum Vitae / Résumé Credits

CCA's Academic Affairs Office fills in all academic degree credentials, faculty titles (including changes), and program affiliation(s) for each faculty member.

You cannot edit this information.

(Note: Only completed formal degree credits -- MA, PhD, MBA -- are listed in the credit field, although you are welcome to include any additional in-progress degree endeavors in the body of your bio.)

Writing & Style Guidelines

Remember, artwork, exhibitions, periodicals, book titles, and almost all complete standalone works (e.g., short films, plays, journals) are italicized.

This style recommendation and many others are listed in the CCA style guide, which ensures all college-representative content is consistent and follows specific conventions for best readability.

See Editorial support for additional assistance, if necessary.

Styling & Formatting

Most bios require little formatting beyond the use of italics (used mostly for titles of works: artwork, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) or adding a hyperlink.

Please avoid overusing formatting. Less is more. 

Log In

You must log into the website to create or make changes to your faculty bio.

  • Log in to your User Account at

  • Enter your CCA username and password (the same ones you use to manage your CCA email.

  • Hit Enter to access the User Profile page. This page displays your current faculty bio information: first name, last name, faculty bio content (if it's an existing bio).

  • Choose the EDIT tab at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Add or edit your text in the BIO field

Note: If you cannot log in, it may be because your FIRST-NAME INITIAL + LAST NAME, which comprises your full user name, is nonstandard due to an apostrophe (Scarlett O'Hara) or a non-English construction (José de la Cruz).

If you cannot log in to the system, contact the ETS for assistance.

Adding Phone or Email

When you fill in the Email or Phone fields, they will be publicly accessible both in your bio and in the faculty directory. Be aware changes made to the email and phone fields do not affect your personnel record or carry over to other CCA systems such as Datatel.

Always contact Academic Affairs directly to make any administrative changes such as a change of address or new phone number or email address.

Save & Review

Save your faculty bio and review the body content for accuracy.

(View Changes allows you to return to the top of the page where you can continue making edits, but it’s always best to save your work before reviewing, as it’s easier to fix a saved typo than retype an unsaved page!)

To edit further, return to your User Profile by selecting View or return to and follow the instructions above.

Add a Headshot

Headshots are encouraged for all faculty. Headshots make it easier for others to recognize you (students, staff, faculty). If you do not have a headshot, or want a new one, contact the web editor, who can assist you.

  • Follow the Log in steps outlined above

  • Scroll down to Picture and use the Upload picture tool to browse for the desired image. Or, if replacing the image, Delete the existing image before browsing. (The image will be automatically sized upon uploading.)

  • Select Upload

Gallery Images/Videos

All videos must first be uploaded to either a YouTube or Vimeo account of your choosing. You will need the video's URL to have the video appear in your gallery.

Try to select images that focus on a single work whenever possible. Your gallery can display up to a total of eight individual images (or related images from a series) and videos, collectively.

(You may keep more than eight images in your collection, but only eight thumbnails appear at any given time.)

Use the arrow icon to the left of a thumbnail to reorder your gallery images or videos upward or downward.


  • Follow the Log in steps outlined above

  • Select the Gallery Images tab (top right side of page)

  • Choose Add an Image or Add a Video

  • Enter the image's title and year (video titles are limited in character count)

  • Use the Browse feature to locate and Upload an image

  • Type a brief description (Note: Keep the description short -- 80 characters with spaces -- for best mobile phone display)

  • Save to return to the Gallery Images admin page, where you may add additional images or videos, or Log out

Editing Images

Your public-facing faculty bio displays only the first eight images from your gallery.

From the Gallery Images admin page, use the Edit tab to modify the title, description, or year for a particular image.

Example of an image description

acrylic, oil, pencil on canvas; 63 x 48 in.

Use markdown code for adding italics: a single asterisk on either side of text, like this: *Gone With the Wind*, which will appear like this: Gone With the Wind.

In edit mode, you can Remove an image and then replace it. (Note: The Remove feature retains the title, description, and year, so it's intended to replace the existing image with a newer version of the same work.)

Upload a replacement image and Save.

If you want to remove an image from your gallery, use the Delete tab at the bottom of the page.

Select Add an Image or Add a video to include additional images or videos, or select View to access your user profile page.

Log out to exit the system.