Student Gallery

Student artwork is presented in each of the college's undergraduate and graduate programs.

To ensure the best images of student work are uploaded to the site, only designated faculty members or the content manager, or both, within each program have access to curate which images are published to represent the respective program.

Unlike individual web pages, which can have only one owner per page, student gallery image uploading can be done by multiple persons within the program.

Please have your chair or content manager contact the web team at to have this permission level added to your user account.

Tips for Adding Student Images to a Gallery

  • Always check to see if the images you're about to upload already exist in the student gallery.
  • Upload 2–4 images of work per student -- but do not exceed more than 60 images total within the gallery.
  • Select only the best work to best promote the program to prospective students.

Image Caption/ID

All published work in the student gallery must include the following information in its caption field:

title: Never Ask for Whom the Bells Tolls
medium: watercolor on canvas
dimensions: 21 x 24 in.
year: 2013
course: optional
instructor: optional

Because CCA is firmly committed to crediting all artwork promoted on the website images that do not have proper sourcing, crediting, and identification will be removed.

(See also Digital Image Guidelines for specific image-file specifications and how-to guidelines for transmitting digital files.)