Room/Event Scheduling

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Virtual EMS is an event-management system the college uses to ensure events are scheduled effectively (i.e., no conflicts with room reservations overlapping).

By following the guidelines outlined below, room reservations can be secured, equipment needs can be scheduled, and your event can be accurately promoted on the college's online event calendar.

Log in to Virtual EMS

All faculty and staff must have a valid CCA email address and password (issued by ETS) to log in and use Virtual EMS, the virtual event-management system the college uses.

Don't have a CCA-issued email address and password? Contact ETS.

Reserve a Room or Nave Wall

To reserve a basic room on campus (i.e., a room that requires no additional support), log in to Virtual EMS (event management system) and use the basic room request template. 

To reserve a Nave wall for a class critique, log in to Virtual EMS (event management system) and use the Nave wall request template.

Do not use the basic room request template or the Nave wall request template when reserving space and support for an on-campus event.

Instead, work with your program manager or email the scheduling manager (or call 415.551.9206).

Schedule an Event

First, review the following policies and procedures:

Submit Your Event Request
  1. Log in to Virtual EMS and submit your event request using the event request or Nave request template. (Remember, do not use the basic room reservation request template for events that require support.)
  2. Event request help sheet
    Use this helpsheet to learn how to submit your online event request in Virtual EMS.
  3. Event type definitions
    Use this list to make certain which event type to choose when submitting your event request.
Change or Cancel an Event Request

Events often change, and confusion often results. Follow these guidelines whenever you need to change or cancel a scheduled event.