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Academic Affairs

Business & Finance

Forms with an asterisk (*) have modifiable fields. For best results, download the PDF to your hard drive, then open with Acrobat Reader.

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Financial aid forms
Work-study forms

Business Office Policies & Info

Campus Phone Lists


Educational Technology Services (ETS)

See also Helpdesk forms and Media Center Forms


* Before an event can be posted to the website's calendar, it must first be approved by the scheduling manager in Virtual EMS .


Human Resources

Log in to Workday to access a majority of Human Resource functions now available to all employees (e.g., compensation, benefits, and payslips).

Review Workday support and self-help guides »

You can also:

  • Update your personal and emergency contact information
  • Enroll in a medical*, dependent care*, or commuter Flexible Spending Account (* during open enrollment only)
  • Submit a job requisition for a new position opening or a personnel form for a new hire (managers only)

ADP Flexible Spending Account Forms


Claim Forms

Other Forms & Policies (most forms not included here are available in Workday):

Internship Forms

See the Career Development internship forms section »


Log in to Workday to access all payroll functions now available to all employees (e.g., payslips, payment elections, and tax elections).

Review Workday support and self-help guides »

You can also:

  • Sign up for direct deposit and electronic payslips
  • Change your federal tax withholdings
  • Submit timesheets (hourly employees)
  • Submit time-off requests and sick time

Paper form submissions for the above tasks will be accepted until April 1, 2015. After this date, all forms and submissions will only be available online through Workday.

Other forms (most forms not included below are available in Workday):

* To add the 2015 payroll dates to your Google calendar:

  1. Log in to your CCA Google account
  2. View the Payroll Dates calendar
  3. Select the Google calendar button (bottom right corner of page)
  4. Select “Yes, add this calendar” when prompted
  5. Use Payroll Dates under “Other calendars” from your Google Calendar page to view or hide this calendar

Special Programs

Student Records

See Student Forms & Resources in Student Life.


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