Human Resources Office

The Human Resources (HR) Office at California College of the Arts provides a vital role in organizing how the college focuses on the management of and direction for its staff.

The office also plays a strategic role in the recruitment of new staff and international faculty, including the benefits management for staff and faculty alike.

Contact the Human Resources Staff

See the HR Staff page to learn who to contact for a specific human resources–related need.

Our professional Human Resources staff is committed to helping all CCA employees thrive at the college. In doing so, CCA partners with its valued employees to create and organize a productive, vibrant, and successful college community in which to work.

Specifically, HR is challenged with many of the core responsibilities that allows the college to attract leaders in the academic profession:

  • Compensation planning
  • Hiring of staff and international faculty
  • Performance management
  • Organization development
  • Safety
  • Wellness (including work-related injuries)
  • Benefits management
  • Employee motivation
  • Communication
  • Administration
  • Training

And while the Human Resources Office creates a structured framework that fosters the development of employees’ personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities, the office also serves a broader and more comprehensive purpose such as ensuring collegewide compliance with evolving legal considerations.