Contact Information

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Sherry Kauppi

510.594.3706 (OAK)
415.551.9267 (SF)
510.594.3696 (FAX)

Employee Relations/Mediation

Compensation & salary issues

Department development

Reorganizations, promotions, performance evaluations management


First contact for open positions

Job description development

Résumé screening

Conducting reference checks

Offers/offer letters

HR Policy & Legal Compliance Issues

CCA policies & procedures

Interpretation & development

International employees

Separations & terminations

First contact for separations

Exit interviews

Special Events & Training

Human Resources Generalist

Elizabeth Portobanco
510.594.3681 (FAX)

Recruitment & Hiring

Develops job announcements

Recruitment strategy & advertising

Concludes hire of new positions

Staff Employment

New-hire orientations

Benefits administration (staff): medical, dental, vision, life, FSA, COBRA

Staff & Faculty

Flexible-benefit plans / Pretax

Benefits open enrollment

Special Events & Training

Human Resources Generalist

Lori Owles

Benefits administration (faculty)

medical, dental, vision, life, FSA

Faculty & staff

TIAA CREF retirement

Long-term disability

Workers’ compensation

Unemployment insurance



Special Events & Training
Benefits Open Enrollment
Faculty Contracts processing

CCA Extension
Studio practice

Human Resources Academic Coordinator

Cristina Espinoza
510.594.3681 (FAX)

College Receptionist

Pam Hampton
510.594.3600 (OAK)
415.703.9500 (SF)

Serves as the main telephone and general receptionist for the San Francisco and Oakland campuses.