Contact Information

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Sherry Kauppi

510.594.3706 (OAK)
415.551.9267 (SF)
510.594.3696 (FAX)

Employee Relations/Mediation

Compensation & salary issues

Department development

Reorganizations, promotions, performance evaluations management


First contact for open positions
Job description development
Résumé screening
Conducting reference checks
Offers/offer letters

HR Policy & Legal Compliance Issues

CCA policies & procedures
Interpretation & development
International employees

Separations & terminations

First contact for separations
Exit interviews

Special Events & Training

Human Resources Generalist

Elizabeth Portobanco
510.594.3681 (FAX)

Recruitment & Hiring

Develops job announcements
Recruitment strategy & advertising
Concludes hire of new positions

Staff Employment

New-hire orientations
Benefits administration (staff): medical, dental, vision, life, FSA, COBRA

Staff & Faculty

Flexible-benefit plans / Pretax
Benefits open enrollment

Special Events & Training

Human Relations Generalist

See Liz Portobanco

Benefits administration (faculty)

medical, dental, vision, life, FSA

Faculty & staff

TIAA CREF retirement
Long-term disability
Workers’ compensation
Unemployment insurance

Special Events & Training
Benefits Open Enrollment
Faculty Contracts processing

CCA Extension
Studio practice

Human Relations Assistant

Martha Galo
510.594.3681 (FAX)

Human Resources Academic Coordinator

Cristina Espinoza
510.594.3681 (FAX)