Volunteer Policy

The normal and customary work of the college is accomplished by CCA employees. However, the college has established a policy pertaining to volunteers because we frequently have persons interested in providing their services to CCA as a nonprofit charitable organization on a volunteer basis, without expectation of any compensation or other consideration for the their donated time and work.

In order for the college to work with volunteers and accept their services, the following guidelines should be followed.

Volunteers are not . . .

  • to perform any type of service that the college normally employs a faculty or staff member to perform.
  • employees of the college, and they receive neither compensation of any type, nor do they receive any benefits.
  • covered by the college’s worker’s compensation insurance.

Volunteers are . . .

  • expected to conform to the college policies and procedures, particularly those related to security, safety, and ethical conduct if they wish to continue to volunteer.
  • covered by the college’s Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment Policy and should report to the director of human resources any behavior that they feel is contrary to that policy.

The person who supervises the volunteer must give each volunteer a copy of the Volunteer Policy and a copy of CCA's Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment Policy. The volunteer and the person supervising the volunteer alike must sign the Volunteer Agreement. The signed copy must be submitted to the director of human resources before the first day a volunteer begins service at the college.

All questions pertaining to this policy should be directed to the vice president of human resources.