The Metal Shop on the San Francisco campus offers a space for various Metal fabrication techniques such as sheet forming, machining, grinding, and mechanical fastening.

While the equipment in this shop is primarily geared toward working with metal and plastic there is also a well-stocked bench set of bicycle mechanic tools. Like several other shops, the Metal Shop is a well-lit space equipped with compressed air and rubber-mat flooring.

Be sure to review the San Francisco studio shop requirements and guidelines (at right).


  • 4-wheel polishing station
  • Ellis 2 1/2 x 60-in. belt sander
  • Wysong 37-in. jump shear
  • Tennsmith 36-in. x 22 gauge slip rolls
  • Sheet metal 90-degree corner notcher
  • Rotex 18 rotary punch press
  • 48-in. finger break
  • Hossfeld universal iron bender
  • Baileigh R-M10 roller bender
  • 16 x 12 in. DAKE band saw
  • 12 x 36 in. Wilton Bench lathe
  • Bridgeport knee mill
  • Digital Knight K20sp 16 x 20 in. heat press
  • Bicycle repair stands, wheel-truing stand, bicycle hand tools
  • Various reamers & facers for bicycle framebuilding
  • Anvil Bicycle Frame Fixtures
  • 55 Lb Anvil
  • Stocked "hardware store" for student use
  • Horizontal Storage for large bar, pipe, and sheet goods. 
  • Coming soon: Arbor press, throatless shear, beadroller, and more!


Jackson Eric Meineke
Fabrication Studio Manager

Visit the Metal Shop Studio calendar.