About the Tool

The CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Router is a MultiCam 3000, capable of cutting materials up to 5 x 48 x 96 inches in size.

Like the laser cutters and 3D printer, the router operations can be generated using 2D vector files (Illustrator, CAD, etc.) or 3D surfaces a variety of software. The primary CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software that we use to drive the machine is RhinoCam.

Students and faculty members who wish to use the router need to attend an orientation (separate from the general RP Studio orientation) to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the router and the policies of the studio.

Following the completion of an orientation, users are set up with an account that allows them to schedule an appointment.  Orientations are typically scheduled at the beginning of each semester so its recommended to attend as early as possible.

CNC Tutor

Tutoring is available through the Learning Resource Center.  At this time, tutoring appointments can be made with Adam Lukasik.

Schedule a tutoring appointment here

Setting up a file for the CNC router

We primarily use RhinoCAM, is used to set up cutting operations.

REMEMBER: If your file is not set up (including CAM operations), do not expect to be able to cut during your appointment. If you need assistance setting up your file, make an appointment with a CNC Tutor (schedule and contact info on RPS website)

If CNC routing is new to you, it is highly recommended that you discuss your project with someone working in the RP Studio. 

There are online resources for learning how to set up your own RhinoCAM operation. 

Appointment Policy

Before making an appointment to use the router, please review your file with a CNC tutor, CNC monitor, or the Rapid Prototyping studio manager if you have questions about preparing your file, CAM operations, or your material.

No fees for using CCA equipment are charged, but it is up to users to supply and prepare their own materials and potentially purchase their own cutting tools.

Other Resources

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