Accident/Emergency Procedures

Although accidents and injuries are primarily handled by studio staff, all shop users need to know what to do in case of an accident or emergency.

Injured Student

Probably the most common accident or emergency a student might encounter is when someone is cut while operating a shop machine. Should this occur, follow this procedure:

  • Sit the injured person on the floor where no risk of further injury exists should the person lose consciousness or fall down.

  • Stop the bleeding by having the injured person apply direct pressure to the wound.

  • Alert the studio staff. A staff person will most likely take over from this point, if not already doing so.

  • Call 911: If using a campus phone (studio phones are located near the entrance door) and the incident requires an ambulance, first dial "8" to get an outside line, immediately followed by dialing "9-1-1". Next call the front desk at extension 9-5-1-0 to alert security guards that they will need to quickly direct the medics to the appropriate studio.

  • Apply first aid. Put on a pair of latex gloves (to protect yourself from blood-borne pathogens) and stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure using gauze. Boxes of latex gloves and first-aid kits containing gauze and other medical supples are located on the interior-side of each studio entrance door.

    If the gauze becomes saturated with blood, continue wrapping additional gauze without removing the initial gauze application. This will enable the blood to coagulate (stop bleeding).

Note: If the injury does not warrant an ambulance, yet requires professional medical attention, Public Safety officers can call a taxi for you and provide free round-trip vouchers.

In the appearance of symptoms of shock (dizziness, nausea, sweating), call an ambulance (see Call 911 above).

Whether using an ambulance or a taxi (or other method of transportation) to a hospital, a member of the Studio staff will accompany the injured person to the hospital. Copies of maps with directions to San Francisco General Hospital (on Potrero Avenue) and Davies Medical Center (between the Castro and Haight districts) are located on all studio entrance doors. We encourage you to take one.

All visits to a hospital must be documented by submitting a copy of the Injury Report Form to Public Saftey.

Fire Alarm

Another potential-emergency situation you may encounter is a campus fire alarm. If this occurs, quickly but calmly make your way downstairs and out of the building.

Do not linger at your desk. Studio staff persons are charged with clearing the top-floor studios and computer labs; this requires everyone's cooperation.