Plaster Room

The Plaster Room is a clean space for water-based processes like clay-modeling, mold-making, and cement work. It contains a sink and counter space for plaster, cement, and water-clay work.

The tool chest in this room features specialized, sculptural model-making tools that can be checked out.

Note: A current driver’s license is required to check out tools.

The room is an extremely small room that is heavily used for multiple purposes. Therefore, good housekeeping is vital to keep it functional, safe, and a healthful place in which to work. (See Best Practices below).

It contains the following machines:

  • Empire PF-3648 sand blaster (36 x 48 in.)
  • Powerblast water-jet cleaner (for 3D-printed models)

Be sure to review the San Francisco Studio shop requirements (at right).

Plaster Room Guidelines

  • Respiratory protection is recommended. Cement and plaster dust are inhalation hazards.

  • Only plaster, cement, and water clay work. This room is not set up to accommodate other media.

  • Sink is only for obtaining water. DO NOT put any materials in sink.

  • Store drying projects out of the way. The shelves above the counter are a good spot.

  • No resin casting or rubber mold making as these processes require thorough air exchange, which should only be done in the Vapor Room.

  • No big clouds of dust. It will set off the fire alarm.

Best Practices

Be responsible and leave the workspace cleaner than how you found it, Work efficiently and minimize your storage to ensure it's available for other students to use. After using, please DO:

  • remove spilled sandblast media

  • clear any support material in water jet

  • thoroughly scrape, scrub, and wipe clean all countertops

  • scrape, sweep, and mop the floor

  • bail, scrape, and scrub the sink

Please DO NOT:

  • wash hands or tools in the sink; instead, use a plastic “slop bucket"

  • pour sludge down sink drain -- let settle, drain, and place in trash can