Spray Booth / Mold Making Room

The Spray Booth is an enclosed, well-ventilated 7 x 14 ft. space used for painting and finishing artwork, models, and furniture.

The Spray room and Mold Making Room are 24/7 spaces. Casting Equipment, however, is locked up at night. 

A flammable storage cabinet is provided for storing student material. Rolling carts are used to transport work to the adjoining Vapor Room where projects can off-gas and cure.

Students must adhere to the guidelines listed below. This ensures the safety of all students and staff, and contributes to the longevity of these resources.

Be sure to review the Accident/Emergency procedures for the San Francisco studios, as well as the shop requirements (at right).

Guidelines for Using the Spray Room & Drying Room

  • Respirators are required during all vapor-producing procedures (spray painting, resin casting).

  • Do not use stools to paint on -- instead, use the provided trays and dollies.

  • Clean up immediately after you are finished painting, casting, etc. All projects that need to dry or cure should be moved into the Vapor Room.

  • Rags that have absorbed any amount of oil- or solvent-based materials should be immediately saturated with water and placed in the red waste containers marked "flammable" as a precaution against spontaneous combustion. No other items should be placed in these containers.

  • Do not leave waste paper, empty spray cans, mixing containers, etc., in either the Spray Booth or Vapor Room. These items pose a fire hazard and a potential trip hazard.

  • Remember if your can is near empty purge the rest of the remaining contents on the waste wall and throw the can in the trash. According to EPA regulationsin California once a spray can has been emptied of its hazardous substance it is general trash. 

Mold Making Room

The Casting and Mold Making Room contains a steel work counter, storage shelves, a mold making and casting / composites workstation, which includes:

  • Pressure pot (interior: 15 x 12-in. depth/diameter)
  • Vacuum chamber (interior: 17 x 16-in. depth/diameter)
  • Vacuum Bagging table (48 x 96-in work surface)
  • Digital Scale

Mold Making Room Guidelines

  • Do not spray or sand anything in the Mold room. It is a clean room.

  • Do not place foam or freshly painted objects immediately underneath the heat lamp as this presents a significant fire hazard. Always remember to turn off the heat lamp when you finished.​


  • Empty resin containers should be “kicked off” (catalyzed) before being discarded in the dumpster.

  • Do not use any spray paint in the Mold Making Room. 

If you have questions regarding these procedures, speak with one of the studio managers.