Storage & Cleanup

Storage Space for Student Materials

Storage space in the shops is extremely limited and we are not able to store student projects. However, there is a hallway 'Student Materials Storage' rack that facilitates material re-use by diverting usable materials from the landfill and providing them to others as free scrap.

The Shops also provide storage for students' flammable materials (spray paint, resins, Bondo, solvents, etc.) which is the flame-resistant yellow cabinet marked "flammable" in the Spray Booth.

Two other permissible storage scenarios exist: projects that are freshly glued and projects that are freshly painted.

With a manager's permission, students may leave their projects clamped in the shop while the glue sets provided the work is labeled (student name, date, phone/email, and time of glue-up).

Students may also leave their projects in the black cubbies in the Vapor Room. Work may be left to dry, cure, or off-gas here for up to 48 hours. The Vapor Room is cleaned every Friday, so any work left longer than 48 hours is immediately thrown away.

Storage Rules
Students are expected to label all stored materials with their name, date, and phone and/or email.
All materials left in this storage area beyond the last day of the semester automatically become the property of the SF Shops.
No other storage of materials or projects is allowed. Do not store anything in the hallway.

Cleanup Procedures

A clean shop is a safe shop. Please help studio staff by leaving your work area cleaner than you found it. It is unacceptable to leave messes behind that others must clean up. Failure to adequately clean up will result in disciplinary action and loss of shop access.

Cleanup time is generally announced one half hour to 15 minutes prior to when the shop closes, depending on the condition of the shop. (Note: No additional cuts are allowed once the cleanup announcement is made.) Plan accordingly. It is considered bad form to quickly leave without cleaning up once the clean up announcement is made. Such behavior is noticed and documented.

When your class is held in the shop, please plan to spend the last 15 minutes of class (at least) cleaning up the shop as a group.