About WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is an online interface that allows access to information contained in the administrative database California College of the Arts uses.

This web-based tool allows students access to their personal profile -- part of their official records at the college. (CCA faculty and staff have similar access.)

Getting Started (Students & Parents)

You can view the course schedule without being logged in, by clicking on Search Course Schedule on WebAdvisor's Main Menu. To access additional information and registration, students can log in to WebAdvisor by entering their CCA email user ID and password.

Current students experiencing difficulty logging in should contact CCA's Helpdesk at 510.594.5010 or email helpdesk@cca.edu. Applicants should contact the Admissions Office at 415.551.9200 or enroll@cca.edu.

From WebAdvisor's Students menu, you can search for courses, review academic information (class schedule, grades, unofficial transcript, degree audit), financial information (billing statement, financial aid status) as well as update your address, phone number, and ethnicity.

You may also grant parents or guardians access to view certain academic or financial records on WebAdvisor.

Prospective Students can log on to WebAdvisor and search for courses, view your admissions status, housing, missing documents, and degree audit. You can also made changes to personal information such as your address and ethnicity.

Applicants experiencing difficulty logging on to WebAdvisor should contact the Admissions Office at 415.551.9200 or email enroll@cca.edu.

WebAdvisor Helpful Hints

WebAdvisor operates best with certain browsers based on your computer system:

Microsoft Windows

Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer


Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Firefox, and Opera

To exit WebAdvisor, select Log Out.

WebAdvisor is fully encrypted and designed to protect all confidential information. However, to ensure confidentiality, never share your password with anyone.

WebAdvisor for Faculty

An overview of WebAdvisor for faculty can be viewed on the Academic Affairs page.