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General Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, building monitors will give instructions to employees and any members of the public in the building, close doors, and provide other required safety and first aid measures, unless otherwise directed by emergency response personnel.

Rave (Emergency Notification System)

Each member of the CCA community is strongly encouraged to register with Rave Wireless today. It takes only a few minutes; it's completely free; your information is secure and safe; and this CCA-provided service is intended to keep you safe in an emergency or crisis.

How to Register


  1. Log in to your WebAdvisor account.
  2. Select Students 
  3. Select Emergency Contacts (located in the first group, User Account for Students)
  4. Designate  a cell phone, cell phone provider, home phone, alternative email address, and opt-in to receive SMS or voice alerts within the "Emergency Contacts" section (top of page).
  5. Designate at least one emergency contact (i.e., the person who should be notified should you be involved in an emergency or crisis).

(Note: International students should include at least one emergency contact who lives in the United States.)


  1. Log in to to your account in Workday (
  2. From your homescreen, click on the Personal Information worklet. Then choose Change Contact Information.
  3. Click Edit at the top of your Contact Information page.
  4. Under Home Contact Information, all staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to provide a mobile phone number, or an email address (not your CCA email address), or both, used by CCA to notify you in the event of a campus emergency such as a natural disaster or a crime in progress. CCA always notifies your email address. 
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.

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Evacuation Procedures

Each campus has a designated reassembly location. Some emergencies may require evacuation of the building. In this event verbal notice or alarms, or both, will be used to sound the evacuation.

Whenever a fire alarm system sounds on either campus, everyone is required to immediately evacuate all buildings and meet at the appropriate Designated Reassembly Location.

In the event of an evacuation, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use elevators.

  • Never go up a stairway unless specifically directed. (Remember, fire and smoke go up, so you go down. Proceed down the nearest stairway to your assembly area.)*

  • Remain calm and orderly; walk quickly but do not run.

  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel.

  • Give assistance to any disabled persons in the area.

  • Exit by the nearest stairway. (Again, do not use elevators.)

  • Go to your designated reassembly location, outside area away from the building.

  • Keep roadways and walkways clear for emergency personnel and vehicles. Once at the designated reassembly location, check in with your manager or supervisor so that you can be accounted for.

  • Wait for instructions. Do not reenter the building until instructed to do so by managers or emergency personnel.

  • Become familiar with emergency procedures before an emergency.

  • Review this plan twice annually to ensure familiarity with: (a) fire extinguisher locations and use; (b) occupancy issues; (c) all emergency exits -- seek a primary and secondary exit point; (d) location of first aid kits; and (e) location of other safety/emergency supplies.