Bomb Threat

Bomb Threats & Suspicious Packages

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Download the DHS bomb threat information sheet

If a bomb threat is received by handwritten note:

  • Call Public Safety
  • Handle note as minimally as possible.

If a bomb threat is received by email:

  • Call Public Safety
  • Do not delete the message. 

In case of a bomb threat or discovery of a suspicious package, dial 9-1-1 for a police dispatcher. (Note: If dialing from a campus phone or pay phone, you can obtain an outside line by first dialing "8".)

Notify Public Safety (415.703-9510).

Always follow all instructions given by a police dispatcher.

Identify the employee who received the threat.

Alert employees and visitors not to turn on or use two-way radios.

Suspicious Packages

If a suspicious package is discovered, do the following:

Do not use radios or cell phones in the immediate area of the package.

Notify Public Safety (415.703-9510).

Do not allow anyone to approach or touch unidentified packages or objects.

Initiate an evacuation away from the location of suspicious device. Direct evacuees to take their bags and packages with them.

Go to the predesignated assembly area.

Report all pertinent information to police personnel arriving on the scene.

Lead employees back to their floor/building after police personnel have secured the building.