Fire or Smoke

Procedures if Fire or Smoke Is Present

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Pull the fire alarm box.

Dial 9-1-1 to report the fire.

Notify Public Safety (415.703.9510) or Facilities (415.720.1170 in San Francisco or 510.594.3609 in Oakland). Give the location of fire/smoke as required.

Extinguish small, incipient fires, as trained using a fire extinguisher.

Remember this tip:

P - pull pin
A - aim hose at base of flame
S - squeeze handle
S - sweep from side to side

Fire Cannot Be Extinguished

  • Crawl on your hands and knees to the designated stairwell or exit. Once in the stairwell, stand up and walk down and out of the building.

  • DO NOT enter a smoke-filled stairwell. Use an alternative stairwell exit.

Evacuation Is Not Possible

  • Keep yourself between an exit and the fire at all times. Do not go past the fire to retrieve a fire extinguisher. Use two persons if possible -- one standing behind the person with the extinguisher watching and using safety precautions.

  • If the fire can’t be put out, floor monitors should be promptly notified so everyone can leave the area and exit the floor by the stairway(s).

  • Close doors behind you as you leave to slow down the spread of the fire. Proceed down the stairs and evacuate the building.

Be careful about opening doors:

  • Touch closed doors with the back of your hand before opening them.

  • If the door feels hot or warm, go to an alternative exit. A fire on the other side could blast through if the door is opened.

If You or Someone Else's Clothes Are on Fire

  • Stop (cover your face with hands), Drop (to the floor), and Roll.”

  • If you are helping someone else, smother the fire with a fire-resistant blanket, rug, or heavy coat.

  • Dial 9-1-1 for medical assistance.

  • Remove any smoldering clothing if it is not stuck to the person. Remove any jewelry on the burn victim. Cool the burn area with cold running water if possible. Only administer additional first aid if trained.

General Procedures

  • In a fire or earthquake where exiting appears unsafe or blocked, it is best to remain in your office or take refuge in the restroom. If a fire, close all doors and seal off cracks.

  • In the event of a systems failure and there is no public address, follow the directions of your floor monitor.

  • Designate an emergency response team member (stairway monitor and elevator monitor) to monitor stairwell and elevator.

  • Designate an emergency response team member to assist any disabled employee or visitors, or both.

  • Designate an emergency response team member to alert occupants to emergency conditions.

  • Post a blank sheet of paper on the door or window of an area where persons have taken refuge.

  • Conduct a final “sweep” check of floor to confirm complete evacuation.

  • Notify fire or police personnel as to the location of persons who have not been evacuated or wheelchairs and other special devices.

  • Notify fire or police personnel as to the location of persons who have been evacuated without their wheelchairs.

  • At predesignated assembly area, cross-check names on employee roster with employees present.

  • Report to your floor monitor or to management the names of employees unaccounted for.