Public Safety Office


CCA's Public Safety Office oversees safety and security issues at both the San Francisco and Oakland campuses as well as the residence halls.

California College of the Arts is a registered Private Security Employer (License number PSE 689) and employs its own Proprietary Private Security Officers (PPSO) as defined by the State of California (Business and Professions Code Section 7574.01(f)).

In addition, to augment the proprietary staff during peak periods and special events, the College contracts with a licensed contract security vendor (Private Patrol Operator).

The college's proprietary officers and the contract officers are easily discernable based on their uniforms.  

As licensed security professionals, CCA Public Safety Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business on any campus facility.

Public Safety Officers are not law enforcement officers and have powers to arrest that are equivalent to any private citizen. CCA Department of Public Safety cultivates and maintains a strong working relationship with the Oakland Police and San Francisco Police departments.

All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to the Department of Public Safety and the appropriate police agency.  

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Additional services and policies for the students collegewide are described in detail in the official CCA Student Handbook, which covers such additional topics as:

• the college's escort program
• identification card processing
• lost and found
• emergency response
• incidents involving injuries or criminal activities (e.g., theft, assault, public drunkenness)

CCA's Public Safety Office offers the following services and programs:

Photo ID Requirement

All students must wear a current CCA photo identification card at all times when on campus. A current CCA photo ID card is required to enter the San Francisco campus.

All student ID issues (including updating stickers) are handled Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Public Safety offices on either campus.

Important: The first photo ID card is free to new students; replacement cards cost $10. Chains and lanyards for photo ID cards can be obtained at both Public Safety offices.

Students must obtain a sticker to validate their photo ID card for each semester of enrollment.

Validation stickers can be obtained at the Public Safety desk in Hooper Graduate Building on the SF campus or the OAC Desk in Oakland with proof of current enrollment and a completed student ID acknowledgment form.

Bicycle Safety 

CCA supports a vibrant biking community. There are bike racks located in many locations around and within the campuses. Please use appropriate locking systems when using both indoor and outdoor bike racks. Please refer to Safe Bikes for many helpful bicycle resources.

Bicycle or scooter riding and skateboarding within the campus is prohibited. Please walk your bicycle, skateboard or scooter to avoid injuring yourself of others in the CCA community.

Crime-Prevention Programs

Public Safety offers the following crime prevention programs to encourage and enable members of the college community to take responsibility for their own security. More information can be obtained from the Public Safety office.

Safety Presentations: Speakers are available to give presentations regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, crime prevention, identity theft, personal safety, injury prevention, ergonomics, workplace violence, emergency preparedness, and other topics.

Crime Alert Notices: When circumstances warrant, the department releases bulletins to alert the college community to special crime-related conditions.  CCA uses the RAVE emergency alert system to provide Timely Warnings and Emergency Alerts to our community.  

Resource Materials: Brochures and other printed materials about safety, crime prevention, emergency preparedness, alcohol or drug abuse, and public transportation are available in the Public Safety office.

Emergency Response:

Public Safety maintains the college's emergency supplies and communication equipment.

Medical Assistance

Public Safety officers are trained in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and coordinate training with other areas of the college community.


Public Safety documents on-campus incidents, injuries, and criminal activities with reports that can be used for insurance claims or other legal purposes. The officers can also assist members of the college community in completing and submitting police reports.

Special Events Coverage

Many special events are conducted at the college that require additional Public Safety services. Students should contact the Public Safety Department at least two week prior to an event if additional coverage is needed.

Requests to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Public Safety administers all requests to serve alcoholic beverages at campus events.  

Requests forms and the Alcohol Guidelines are available online.

All events that charge an admission, require a donation, or charge per alcoholic beverage require a license through the State of California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC).