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Building Safety Features

Safety features for 1111 8th Street and 80 Carolina Street include fire and smoke detection and alarm systems.

Both 1111 8th Street and 80 Carolina Street are equipped with smoke detectors, pull stations, strobe alarms, illuminated exit signs, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting.

The Hooper Street graduate studios are equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and illuminated exit signs. Each floor of each building has posted evacuation floor plans that indicate the route for exiting the building and identify the location of all fire equipment.

Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection

Fire alarm pull stations and smoke detectors are located throughout the buildings at 1111 8th Street and 80 Carolina Street. Once activated, a signal is sent to the fire control panel, which indicates the location of the alarm. Public Safety responds to all alarms.


If an elevator malfunctions, passengers can press the alarm button, which allows communication with the operator, who will summon a trained technician.


ABC fire extinguishers are located throughout all buildings. Should you use any extinguishers, you must notify Facilities or Public Safety, so that a replacement extinguisher can be provided.

MSDS Locations

Materials safety data sheets can be found in the studios or the Facilities Department.

Eye-Wash Locations

San Francisco
Located in the Machine Room, Bench Room, Model Shop, the Alternative Materials Library, and the Painting Studios.

Located in the Print Shop, Jewelry / Metal Arts, Sculpture, Textiles, First Year studios

First-Aid Stations

First-aid materials for treatment of minor injuries can be obtained at the Office for Student Life, campus switchboard / reception desk, at all sinks, and at prominent locations in studios on each campus. Materials for treatment beyond first-aid levels will be provided through emergency medical services (EMS).  Materials for symptomatic relief will not be supplied.