President's Sustainability Steering Group

The President's Sustainability Steering Group (PSSG) was established in 2009 to more closely work with the president to identify ways that would showcase the college’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

As part of this commitment, the PSSG ensures the college's leadership role upholds specific values that govern an eco-conscious approach to learning. The group consists of faculty, student, staff, and trustee representation.

Since its formation, the PSSG has significantly heightened the college's overall commitment to sustainability.

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Princeton Review Green College Ranking

Since its first audit by The Princeton Review in 2009, CCA's PSSG began developing benchmarks to increase the college's green rating. CCA was officially recognized in The Princeton Review's Guide to 311 Green Colleges: 2011 Edition.

Major Accords in Sustainability

The PSSG identified the following major sustainability accords signed by President Beal:

Development of a Statement of Values

The PSSG devised a statement of values that represents the college's core principles as they pertain to sustainability. These basic tenants are drawn upon frequently to ensure all future growth -- curricular, technological, architectural -- takes into consideration these best-practice guidelines.

  • Minimize harm and optimize benefits to the environment and society in our daily endeavors
  • Apply the sustainability values we teach to our students to our facilities, transportation, and purchasing and investing practices
  • Provide the tools and resources that motivate our community members to be sustainability leaders
  • Draw on and contribute to the resources, knowledge, and initiatives uniquely available in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Foster an academic and operational culture of continuing sustainability innovation
  • Identify and promote career opportunities in sustainable practices for our students