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CCA is a transit-oriented institution that encourages and accommodates the use of alternative transportation through campus design and operational support. Both campuses are ideally located in proximity to several public transportation options and in urban settings with easy walking and biking routes.

The college provides a free shuttle service between the two campuses and supports a strong bicycle culture through storage and repair accommodations.

CCA also limits its traffic impact by not allowing first-year residential students to bring vehicles to campus and by providing a pretax commuter expense program that allows employees to use pretax dollars to pay for eligible commuter expenses. 

Shuttle Service

We encourage faculty, students, and staff to use public transportation for their commuting needs including travel to and between the two campuses.

To supplement public transportation options, CCA provides free, limited shuttle service between the Oakland and San Francisco campuses and Webster Hall.

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Bike Culture

CCA has a strong bicycle culture and many students, staff, and faculty commute by bicycle. Ample indoor and outdoor bicycle parking accommodations exist on each campus. (The San Francisco campus includes a bike kitchen equipped with tire pumps, tools for repairs, and even a frame-building jig.)

CCA has a new bike share partner, Ford GoBike, providing 27 dock stations at the southwest corner of the San Francisco campus. 

On the San Francisco campus, 70 percent of bicycle storage offered is secured indoors with 200 bike parking spaces integrated throughout the main building. Because of this extraordinarily large amount of indoor storage, the security it offers, and its visual presence throughout the building, the campus promotes and supports a true design interest in bicycles at the college.

Faculty, staff, and students are able to ride high-quality performance bikes to CCA.

Each summer CCA offers a summer frame-building course: Urban Mobility. Scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate student work schedules, students learn to explore designs and learn techniques to create bicycle frames of their own design. 

CCA’s new Panoramic Residences is a car-free building, offering 200 secure bike parking spaces, bike-repair facilities, and two ride-share spots.

Home Street Home (CCA's 2010 First-Place Winner: R.A.W. Student Video Contest)