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Passports & Visas

Students are responsible for acquiring a valid passport and visa where applicable.

Start the Process Immediately

If you do not already have a passport, start the process right away as it can take four to six weeks to obtain a US passport and additional time to obtain visas.

Passport Expiration Dates

If you currently have a passport from any country, make sure it does not expire within six months of the date of your travel.

If it does, get it renewed. Many countries will not let you enter if your passport will expire within six months of your travel dates.

US Citizens

The Oakland Main Post Office at 1675 7th Street is a good location to renew or obtain a new US passport.

Call 510.874.8652 to set up a specific appointment time. When you call, please verify what you need to bring with you to the appointment.

Expedited US passports are possible for a higher fee.

International Students

Information for International Students »

Visas for US Citizens & International Students

Check on the visitor visa requirements for the country you will be visiting.

If, according to your citizenship, a visa is required, go directly to the embassy page of that country to see what forms you may need to submit as well as how to make an appointment with the embassy.

Look on the general embassy web pages for Consulates General in order to search for specific embassy information for San Francisco.

Apply for a visa as soon as possible; the process can take much longer than expected.

If you will travel through another country on your way to a final destination, check if you need a transit visa.

Depending on your country of citizenship and the country where you have a stopover, you may be required to obtain a transit visa in order to be allowed to land and continue on your trip.

If unsure, visit the embassy website of the country where you have a stopover. Procedures and required documents for obtaining a visa vary greatly, so it is advised to check before purchasing your plane ticket.

Travel/Health Insurance

CCA provides supplemental travel/health insurance coverage for students registered in a CCA summer study-abroad course traveling outside the United States, for the duration of the course.

About CCA's supplemental travel/health insurance

The coverage is secondary to any other coverage that a student has in place -- whether personal, parental, or CCA's student Kaiser plan.

Students should first file a claim through their primary insurance company, then with the travel insurance company.

While abroad, make sure you have your primary as well as your secondary insurance carrier and policy information readily available.

Once registered in a summer study-abroad course, students will be contacted by CCA's supplemental travel insurance carrier to activate their secondary insurance coverage.

If you are not covered by CCA’s student Kaiser plan:
Do not assume that your current policy applies outside the United States; check with your insurer.

All students should know what procedures they need to follow in case of a medical emergency while abroad.

If you are covered through CCA's student Kaiser plan:
Coverage remains in effect for the entire term you have purchased. If you travel outside the Kaiser Permanente coverage area, coverage for emergency or urgent conditions remains in effect.

Kaiser Permanente is well known throughout most of the United States, and some European countries, so medical expenses incurred outside Kaiser Permanente are usually billed directly.

In rare occasions, students may be asked to pay for medical treatment at the time of service, in which case Kaiser Permanente would reimburse the student.

Be sure to keep all medical expense receipts.

In the event a medical bill exceeds the student’s ability to pay upfront, call the 800 number listed on the back of the member ID card and Kaiser Permanente will work with the doctor/hospital to facilitate payment.

In Europe and many other countries, a Kaiser International representative may visit the hospital where a student is receiving treatment to ensure the level of care is appropriate.

Should Kaiser Permanente have concerns regarding the quality of care being administered, a recommendation may ensue to return the student to the United States at Kaiser Permanente’s expense.

Travel assistance provides support services in case of an emergency while traveling.

On Call International’s Global Response Center provides emergency-only coverage for students who study abroad.

This coverage is included for students who have the Kaiser Permanente CCA Health Insurance Plan.

Please call 1.877.318.6901 (toll-free within the US and Canada) or +1.603.328.1909 (collect from outside the US and Canada) to reach On Call International’s Global Response Center.

The Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with trained multilingual coordinators and doctors to advise and assist you quickly and professionally in an emergency.