Animation 1

This class is an introduction to basic principles of character animation and expressive form in motion. We'll begin by looking at great animated sequences for evidence of how to create believable material transformations, actions, or humor in time-based narratives; Goofy's expressions, Popeye's distortions, Betty Boop's walk, or the Coyote's variety of disintegrations are all represented by motion, distortion, weight, exaggeration, and storytelling. We will focus on these and other traditional character animation principles with smaller weekly assignments via drawings, flip books, acting, storyboards, and quicktime movies generated in Adobe After Effects. Mid and final projects will encourage experimental approaches to animated imagery and presentation of phenomena, including time, abstraction, memory, narrative, or a joke. Since humor is timing and story, jokes will play a significant role in parsing the temporal; and because delivery is often cinematic, film principles will be integrated. We will have guest animators from Pixar and other places to talk about their work and discuss yours. Assignments and projects will involve the use of After Effects, which will be introduced and used to create movies of 2D animations. Photoshop, and digital still and video cameras may be used as well.