Wkshp: Acting for Animators

Animation Workshops are a series of courses that teach essential skills about a specific topic within animation. Under the guidance of the instructor, students will engage in rigorous study about a specific subject matter. The goal of Animation Workshops is to produce work that illustrates the skills learned. These courses are open to all CCA students who have completed CORE D1 and 4D.

The key to good acting on the stage is using strong, varied actions to overcome obstacles and achieve clear objectives; the same is true in film and animation performance. This course is designed to teach students how to apply these acting skills to their performance, and is open to those without previous acting experience. Great actors and animators turn internal emotion or thoughts into clear physical actions. Beginning with the theory that all acting is action, students will learn how to create authentic characters, staged in a visual way with movement, weight, timing, and physics. Exploring the uses and benefits of improvisational theater for film and animation, students will explore issues of pacing, conflict, and relationships between characters. They will do in-class physical acting exercises that they can use in their own work, with their own bodies, in ways that will deepen their expression and insights to character.