Wkshp: Flash Art

Animation Workshops are a series of courses that teach essential skills about a specific topic within animation. Under the guidance of the instructor, students will engage in rigorous study about a specific subject matter. The goal of Animation Workshops is to produce work that illustrates the skills learned. These courses are open to all CCA students who have completed CORE D1 and 4D.

Through the very simple statement "open/close" students learn the Adobe Flash 9 application. A weekly playful canvas is set up to familiarize students step by step with the program, exploring timeline functions (basic animation principles such as keyframe, interpolation, etc), vector-based design, buttons and movie-clips symbols, and ActionScript. Course after course, students complete various assignments and develop their own "open/close" project, including overlapping timelines working in conjunction with each other, similar to the principle of Russian dolls. This class will also provide a short introduction into html for web-based projects as well as a lesson on web and animation imaging in Photoshop (formats, script, etc), the project being prepared for broadcast over internet.