Wkshp: Character Modeling

Animation Workshops are a series of courses that teach essential skills about a specific topic within animation. Under the guidance of the instructor, students will engage in rigorous study about a specific subject matter. The goal of Animation Workshops is to produce work that illustrates the skills learned. These courses are open to all CCA students who have completed CORE D1 and 4D.

This class will explore the cinematic techniques used in storyboarding for animation. The objective is to produce a professional presentation through the use of markers, color pencils as well as digital programs such as Photoshop, Flash and Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro. Animatics will be created to give implied motion, character relationships, camera moves and anoverall sense of the project's timing. In addition, color scripts will be developed to define lighting, character emotion, mood, and story tension. Scripts, camera angles, shot setups and scenes will be analyzed and refined as students learn techniques such as composing for the screen, arranging visual elements and directing the viewer's eye. Students will be directed to experiment with themanipulation of time and space as they create interesting camera moves and action sequences. The class will also focus on transitions between shots and scenes through the use of color andeffects. Our class will also explore the use of sound to enhancethe story and the animatic. The objective of this class is to produce a finished story, complete with color boards, animatic, and accompanying sound.