Sound for Animation

This class will focus on sound in relation to cinema and the viewer. How does the audience hear - see? What happens in the brain when you get a song stuck in your head? Students will take a trip down their ear canal into the cochlea's tiny saltwater ocean where sound "occurs". Why did Stravinsky's Rite of Spring first cause a riot, but end up as children's music in Disney's Fantasia? Students uncover the psychological effects of "added value" and "synchresis" that occur through the marriage of sound and image, and will learn all parts of the process, from production of sound effects - or "foley" - to post-production using Protools. Nanotechnology will be addressed to consider digital audio in the year 2050. The class will be part studio, history, and theory, and students will create sound for films, animation, or images. Readings and screenings.