Wkshp: Digital Shot Prod

Animation Workshops are advanced courses that build upon skills learned in the 270 Animation Workshop series. Similar to 270 workshops, students engage in a comprehensive study of a single subject within animation. These workshops typically are lead by instructors who are working professionals in that specific area. The goal of 370 Animation Workshops is to produce work that represents the knowledge acquired during this course. These courses are open to Animation students who have completed Animation-2.

This course focuses on techniques, both technical and aesthetic, used to polish and detail 3D animation. The course will leadstudents with a foundation understanding of Maya and animation towards creating visually dynamic 3D shots using Autodesk Maya. We will use camera polish, final model detailing, shading, and lighting to express the emotion of a scene. Exercises and projects develop the student's ability to dramatically alter the feeling of a set and or character by manipulating lighting, shading, and compositing techniques. Students will gather reference materials, create color scripts and learn to express their desired "look". A final project will utilize class skills and give each student the ability to express their own unique aesthetic style.