Animation Tutorial

Advanced Visual Storytelling is designed to teach students how to write, develop, pitch and storyboard their film projects. Students will learn to make strong compositions, dramatic tension, more captivating dialogue, set up gags, build an enchanting love story, find the back history, and create hilarious comedy in their film. Through assignments, students will be taught to cut out waste, improve structure, and make stories more appealing. We'll discuss how to create more interesting characters with strong character arcs. This class will focus on critiquing and improving the story in senior film projects. Black and white classic films as well as Animated films will be studied for good staging and proper story techniques. Assignments will include creating stories and storyboarding those ideas. All story ideas and storyboards will be critiqued in a pitching format, similar to story work done in an animation studio.

This is a production workshop course for advanced level Animation students, who will complete a semester long project. Collaborative and independent work will include pre-production work in story, character development, and storyboarding shots; production, editing, sound, and post. All advanced animation students who have completed Animation 2 are welcome.