All students should familiarize themselves with the Animation Studio Access Policy, listed below, prior to using the facilities.

Students in CCA's Animation Program begin by learning traditional 2D animation. One facility that aids this process is located in the lobby of Founders Hall. Another facility is one of our first year class rooms that are equiped with angled drawing light tables and 27" iMac workstations. Here students find a cluster of light tables and drawing spaces to learn skills such as timing, spacing, and how to roll animation drawings. 

This method of animation is used in many of our animation courses, including Senior Project. Techniques learned in these courses serve as a great foundation no matter where your animation interests lead.

About the Animation Facilities

Students interested in pursuing 2D animation as a career will discover 2D digital animation is alive and well. To facilitate this process the Animation Program has acquired an unsurpassed suite of hardware and software packages.

The dedicated production lab is equipped with Mac Pro workstations, 21” Cintiqs, and a complement of assorted software, including DragonFrame, Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro, and Harmony.

This software enables students to use the same resources from storyboard through ink and paint to complete their final animation. Although aided by technology, the workflow feels quite traditional in its production process.

The 3D emphasis of the Animation curriculum is rapidly expanding, with new courses being added in rigging and character effects to join already established courses in 3D character animation and environmental modeling.


All of the fully networked labs are equipped with the latest suite of software from Autodesk, featuring Maya as the core software for animation. In addition, the Character Design courses incorporate Mudbox software as an enhancement to traditional character design.

Animation at CCA is a collaborative learning experience, with students assisting one another through critique and skill sharing to develop their individual projects. The open-lab environment in the Animation studios is designed to enable this process through continual contact with peers and faculty for daily reviews.

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Founders 306 -- lecture room / computer lab

  • Faculty and guest lecturer classroom
  • Set up for dailies with faculty and student review of work
  • Studio of twenty one 27'' iMacs each with a 15'' Wacom Cintiq
  • Classroom set of Lightfoot Professional Lightables

Founders 307 -- animation homework lab

  • Studio of nine 21” Wacom Cintiqs and Mac Pros

Founders 308 –- stop-motion lab

  • Down-shooter cameras and copy stands
  • Used to digitize hand-drawn animations and create stop-motion animation
  • Studio of nine 21'' iMacs each with a 15'' Wacom Cintiq

Founders 309 –- instructional lab

  • 15" Wacom Cintiq at every station
  • Studio of twenty Mac Pros

Founders Lobby -- Light Table

  • Light tables and work area
  • Student lounge

Founders –- Sound Booth

  • Sound studio for mixing and editing sound tracks
  • Foley room used to record voice-over and sound effects
  • Apogee Duet, Artist Mixer and Midi Keyboard


  • Adobe: Creative Suite
  • Avid: Pro Tools 12
  • Autodesk: Maya and Mudbox
  • TVPaint Pro
  • Toon Boom Animation: Pencil Check Pro, Storyboard Pro, Harmony
  • DragonFrame: 2D image capturing software
  • Cinema 4D: 3D modeling and animating application

Animation Studio Access Policy

The third floor of Founders Hall is the general facility for the Animation Program. Although it shares labs with other classes such as Interdisciplinary, 4D, and Interface, the Animation students have priority accessing Founders labs when classes are not in session.

Overview of Access Privileges

Founders 304 (hybrid lab) -- This is a specialized lab that is only accessible to students currently enrolled in a course that requires use of this lab: Interface Design, Animation for Sound, and Animation 1 courses. Students in these courses have access to this lab outside of class hours for homework.

Founders 306 (lecture room) --  This is a multipurpose and flexible lab space that can be utilized as a lecture room, traditional 2D stuio, or a computer lab.  This is thanks to the new hide away desks in Founders 306 that allow faculty to raise or hide computers in the desks automatically based on the class needs.

Founders 307 (upper-class homework lab) -- This open lab is dedicated to students with junior or senior status.

Founders 308 (stop-motion lab) -- This lab houses a few Animation courses. All animation students have access to this lab when not in use for class meetings.

Founders 309 (instructional lab) -- This lab is used by many courses, including 4D and Animation. When not in use for class meetings, students may use it to do their homework. Students outside the Animation Program should use the library computers, Lab A, or the Martinez Annex open labs.


Founders Hall (third floor), Oakland campus, rooms 304, 306, 307, 308, and 309.

Access Hours

All animation labs in Founders Hall are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 4 a.m. during the academic year (except for college-designated holidays and semester breaks). Special access questions should be directed to the Animation Studio Manager.


Tanya Poovaiah, Animation Studio Manager